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Best RV. continues to evolve as an industry leader in product development. We are America’s FIRST CHOICE in RV screen enclosures, windshield covers and RV awnings. Our Goal is to provide the RV industry with the absolute highest quality products and still remain competitive with the competition.

We know that our success depends on superior quality, value as well as exceptional customer service and we will  continue to strive to be the Best RV accessory supplier in the industry.

Call (800) 328-5100 or visit our online retail website, ShadePro.net to order RV awning products and accessories with the click of a button.

Products Available

Patio Awnings
One Touch Carefrees' "NEW" 12 volt Patio Awning Operates with a Touch of a button.  "The Future is Here!"
Spirit FX Ltd

The most innovative, most convenient awning in the world woven Acrylic fabric and Alumaguard cover.

Spirit FX

The most innovative, most convenient awning in the worldwith 15 oz. Vinyl canopy and 18 oz. Vinyl Weatherguard.
Fiesta Ltd Now with Remote Lock. Acrylic with Alumaguard cover.

Better than competitive models. Vinyl fabric with vinyl Weatherguard. Now with Remote Lock. Armored Model Also available with vinyl canopy and Alumaguard.

Lb Freedom

The best crank out “Box Awning” you can buy; arms fold into case.

Companion Awnings
Carefree Window Awnings Dress-up your RV while you keep cooler and more comfortable.

XL Window Awnings
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For windows over 36” tall, provides 50% more shade and shelter.
OtD Awnings
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Shelter your cab-forward entrance door.
Db OtB Slider
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For a cab forward entry door where the slope of the windshield doesn’t allow installation of a traditional Over The Door Awnings.

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For rear windows & picture widows. Blocks heat before it gets in.

Lb Cargo Awn
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For Class C specialty RV’s with a full width rear cargo door.

Slideout Awnings
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Extends or retracts independent of the slideout. Combination slideout roof cover and full length window awning.

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Combination slideout roof cover and full length window awning.

SideOut Kover II

Slideout roof cover (only)- extends and retracts with the slideout.

RV Accessories
Canopy Cooler
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12 V, 12” high powered fan with mister. Fits into slot on any roller.

Breezway Screen Room
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Bug free awning enclosure – made with cool shade cloth screening fabric. The best you can buy-affordably priced.

2 patio awning room enclosures; model the best you can buy.

Cargo Add-A-Room

Turns the space under your Cargo-Awn into a comfortable bonus rooms!

Cargo Add-A-Wall

A sealed screened wall with privacy panels for the cargo for your coach.


Shade and Day-time privacy curtain hangs from your awning roller to block sun while you keep your full view.

SideBlocker Shade and daytime privacy curtain that hangs from either end of your awning.
Awning Mat

Two grades and designs of compact, durable, light weight, ground covers.

Rafters/Supports Optional bracing and support for longer awnings; taut canopies for camping, less roll bar flex/bounce during travel.
Power Packs
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Gas pistons eliminate the back strain of raising your awning.
Roller Light
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12v Thin-like awning light, attaches to roller, will not attract bugs.

Canopy Clamps
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Secures canopy edges to rafter arms eliminating wind flap, stores permanently on awning arms. Always ready. Nothing to lose.


The most powerful roof exhaust fan available- cools RV quickly, quietly and efficiently. O.K. to use on the road or in the rain.

SideVisor Shades

Blocks sun, but not view, for big Class A driver and passenger side windows- choose from two compact Roll-up models.

Smart Visor
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Full size motorhome visor, tilts forward and back and lowers to 18”.

Power Visor
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Motorized Smart Visor.
Custom Windshield Covers

Block the sun, but keep your view while camping, enjoy enjoy day time privacy too!

Window Storage Covers

Protect your RV interior by covering all major windows with a snap on custom cover, cuts heat and UV.

Re-Furbishing Accessories
Univ. Replacement Patio & W/A Canopies

Update your old worn patio awning with a brand new vinyl or acrylic canopy – Over 140 colors and patterns.



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